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My goal. Leadership in Ukraine market of agricultural machinery

1 Be a leader selling used and new agricultural machinery in Ukraine.
2 Have warehouse agricultural machinery for rent.
3 Have Service agricultural machinery.
4 Giving leasing agricultural machinery

I have to reach the goal.

1 The knowledge and experience in sales of agricultural machinery
2 Experience and knowledge of service techniques.
3 Own Service Center in Kiev
4 The desire and ability to work

What do I need to achieve the goal

1 Find an investor or investors I need the money for a quick achievement.
2 I need many, many work

I m looking for an investor to

1 I will build a warehouse of agricultural machinery in Ukraine for sale, rents.
2 To create a warehouse Spare parts.

The investment will be protected joint ownership business. I am willing to give up ownership of the company and to protect investors.
Ukraine have a lot of good land for farmers, business have a base - the land of Ukraine. Farmers will always need agricultural machinery.
My business plan, provide agricultural equipment to the farmer. For me it is important to make a profit from the sale of agricultural machinery, renting rental of agricultural machinery, give in leasing of agricultural machinery.

Return on investment for the five years. I want to offer growing business value of the investment in the development of the company.

I am the owner of the company Oleksa
I do not have benefits, prvelegy from the Ukrainian government.
I do not use loans
I have 20 years of business. For 20 years I did not lose face.

I invite you to do joint business in Ukraine

Oleksy Goots


First I want to give a little information
The companies and shareholders behind foreign land acquisitions in Ukraine span many different parts of the world. The Danish "Trigon Agri," for example, holds over 52,000 ha. Trigon was established in 2006 using start-up capital from Finnish "high net worth individuals." The company is traded in Stockholm (NASDAQ), and its largest shareholders include: JPM Chase (UK, 9.5 percent); Swedbank (Sweden, 9.4 percent); UB Securities (Finland, 7.9 percent); Euroclear Bank (Belgium, 6.6 percent); and JP Morgan Clearing Corp (USA, 6.2 percent).

The United Farmers Holding Company, which is owned by a group of Saudi Arabian investors, controls some 33,000 ha of Ukrainian farmland through Continental Farmers Group PLC.

AgroGeneration, which holds 120,000 ha of Ukrainian farmland, is incorporated in France, with over 62 percent of its shares managed by SigmaBleyzer, a Texas-based investment company.

US pension fund NCH Capital holds 450,000 ha. The company began in 1993 and boasts being some of the earliest western investors in Ukraine after the break-up of the Soviet Union. Over the past decade, the company has systematically leased out small parcels of agricultural land (around two to six hectares in size) across Ukraine, aggregating these into large-scale farms that now operate industrially. According to NCH Capital’s General Partner, George Rohr, the leases give the company the right to buy the currently-leased farmland once the moratorium on the sale of land in Ukraine is lifted.
With the onset of the political crisis, several of these mostly Ukrainian-based companies have descended into crisis themselves. One example is Cyprus-incorporated Mriya Agro Holding, which holds a land-bank of close to 300,000 ha. In 2014, the company’s website (which is no longer available online) indicated that 80 percent of the shares of Mriya Agro Holding are/were owned by the Guta family (Ukrainian), who hold primary leadership positions in the company. The remaining 20 percent are/were listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

According to news sources, in summer 2014 the company defaulted on its payments for two large Eurobonds, putting its future into question. The company first enlisted the support of US-based Blackstone Group and Ukrainian-based Dragon Capital, both of whom withdrew support after only one month; and later, the international auditing and financial service firm, Deloitte. An international bondholder committee was struck, comprised of several US and UK-based investment groups (including CarVal Investors – Cargill’s investment arm), which together own over 50 percent of the debt owed on Mriya’s 2018 Eurobonds and 15 percent of the 2016 Eurobonds. The future of this firm is unclear with some sources suggesting a risk of bankruptcy.

Other Ukrainian-owned companies incorporated in tax havens are also experiencing difficulties. Sintal Agriculture Public Ltd (based in Cyprus, traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as of 2008, and holding almost 150,000 ha of land) ceased trading in shares on January 29, 2014 "until further notice" after bankruptcy proceedings were initiated against the company. In 2013, its website (now also defunct) indicated that 36.3 percent of the company was free floating shares.

The potential bankruptcy of these corporations, and the involvement of Western investors in the crisis management, raises questions about the fate of the agricultural land they hold. At this time, it is not clear how control over the agricultural lands in question will be addressed and what the role of foreign companies and funds who have invested in these companies will be. However, if things progress in a similar way to neighboring Romania, foreign control of this land could transpire.

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